Saturday, August 14, 2010

THAT'S Entertainment??

Cat/Pat Fact #4 ...or something

In these space age times of the year 2010, almost every normal person, who isn’t on welfare, owns a decent-sized flat-screen television. However, Patrick and Caterina are what some people might call “intellectuals”. Because of this, they have an antique television. It is impressively immense, if you are talking about total weight. Overall, it’s pretty crappy, with no surround sound and just a puny 30” tube as an excuse for a screen. In a feeble attempt to hide the shittiness of their TV, they surround it with "art" and make it wear a top hat. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but I think I feel sorry for the TV. 

And if the television wasn't bad enough, have a look at their stereo:

                                                          ... I'm surprised they don't make it wear an ascot.

What a couple of cheap-ass, book-reading weirdos.


  1. I can only imagine your review of my abode. Perhaps this could be a book of reviews similar to Ted Nancy's letters from a nut-- except with more pizazz courting with cruelty and observation.

  2. Looks just like my TV! in my room. The one in the living room is a console! Hey, if it ain't broke....

  3. My entertainment technology is similarly retarded. Good thing I'm on welfare, or I'd be embarrassed.

  4. By "intellectuals" you mean "don't have kids" who of course drive the economy by nagging parents to death to get flat screen everything: TV, computers, PSP, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS'd off.....still, quite an achivement to have a SQUARE TV. We inherited my grand-father's square one which gave up the ghost not long after he did. Bless 'im, never wanted a flat screen anything and that was more than enough.

  5. My projection TV is flat...does that count? ;)